muracci's: Berkeley

STUDENT Specials! - 1 FREE Curry with 10 stamps


1 - One stamp per One entree ($10 up)

2 - Can't combine with other stamp cards

3 - Stamp only at the cashier, only the person who has the card

4 - Only students come to the Berkeley store

New Item

Japanese Potato Croquette

Japanese Potato Croquette

$2.50 each

Weekly Specials

Hashed Beef Curry

Hashed Beef Curry


Ingredients: Sliced Angus beef, onion, green peas and special Muracci’s Sauce

Spicy Mapo Nasu Curry

Spicy Mapo Nasu Curry

(Eggplant and Angus Ground Beef)


Ingredients: Angus ground beef, onion, eggplant, tomato, garlic, chili pepper and Muracci’s curry sauce