muracci's: Berkeley

Holiday Hours Notice

Happy 4th of July! We will be closed in celebration.

STUDENT Specials! - 1 FREE Curry with 10 stamps


1 - One stamp per One entree ($10 up)

2 - Can't combine with other stamp cards

3 - Stamp only at the cashier, only the person who has the card

4 - Only students come to the Berkeley store

New Item


Kobe Style Nibuta Ramen


Ingredients: Pork(sliced loin and belly), Green onion, Red chili, Ramen noodle and Muracci’s ramen soup

Weekly Specials

Hashed Beef Curry

Spicy Dried Curry with Egg


Ingredients: Angas ground beef, Green onion, Sweet green peas, Red chili peppers and Muaracci’s sauce