The Muracci's Story

The Muratas

Muracci's is owned and operated by the husband & wife team, Yasuyuki and Tamiko Murata. Between them, they have over 60 years combined experience in the culinary business. They moved from their native Osaka to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000. They share a strong desire to provide delicious and fresh authentic Japanese food, made with the finest ingredients.

The name, Muracci's, comes from the nickname of their son, who is pictured on the logo. Muracci's curry sauce is lovingly prepared by Tamiko. The sauce takes 2 days to prepare. The homemade soup stock, along with vegetables, herbs and spices are simmered for 20 hours, resulting in a thick creamy curry base.

Each order is always freshly prepared and time is spent on each individual meal (i.e. no pre-cooking), with the hopes of bringing you the most satisfying experience possible. It's takes a little longer time but the results are will worth it!

Muracci's Curry and Team